May 18, 2004 – News at a glance

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Anti-war group for military families
A Waitsfield woman whose son is serving in Iraq believes the way to support the troops is to bring them home. And she says she’s not alone. Nancy Brown is organizing a Vermont chapter of a Massachusetts-based anti-war group called “Military Families Speak Out.” (VPR)

Wood chips for energy
A group of state and local officials are hoping to increase funding levels for a program that encourages schools to install wood-chip heating systems. Currently, 24 schools have put systems into place and another three schools have plans to install them. (VPR)

Sanders to vote against military appropriation
Congressman Bernie Sanders says he won’t support President Bush’s request for an additional $25 billion for the war in Iraq, unless the president outlines a clear plan to withdraw U.S. troops in the future. (VPR)

Gay marriages recognition in Vermont
Attorney General William Sorrell says that same-sex marriages in Massachusetts would probably not be recognized in Vermont. Sorrell’s position puts him at odds with attorneys general in New York and Rhode Island, who say their states will honor the Massachusetts marriages. (VPR)

MVP offers individual policies
Vermonters have another health insurance option. On Monday, the state agency that regulates health care gave MVP Health Care permission to offer health insurance to individuals. (AP)

Douglas’ stance on medical marijuana
Two Vermont House Republicans say Governor Jim Douglas is behind a push to pass a medical marijuana bill this year. One of those legislators says he’s so upset by the decision that he won’t seek re-election in November. (AP)

Budget and Adjournment
The Vermont state budget could be decided on Tuesday. House and Senate negotiators who have been trying to craft a budget expect to reach agreement. That could set lawmakers up to adjourn for the year Wednesday or Thursday. (AP)

Circ Highway contractor fees
The state will likely pay the contractor who was to build the next leg of the Chittenden County Circumferential Highway less than the original estimate of $30,000 per day. That’s according to Vermont Transportation Secretary Patricia McDonald, who met Monday with officials in Williston.

Mount Ascutney Hospital expansion
The Windsor Development Review Board will meet next month to consider a proposed 3,500 hundred square foot addition to the Mount Ascutney Hospital. Board members were shown plans for the expansion at a meeting on Monday. (AP)

AT&T billing complaints
The AT&T Corporation is going to review its Vermont records to see if any customers have been billed in error. The Department of Public Service says AT&T agreed to conduct the review because of billing problems across the country. (AP)

Home wind turbines
Burlington man wants to put two energy windmills on his three-story wooden building. Harry Atkinson’s proposed wind turbines are much smaller than the larger commercial windmills that have sparked much debate across Vermont. (AP)

Bald eagle chicks
The town of Addison has some new residents. Two baby bald eagles arrived in Addison yesterday as part of the Vermont Bald Eagle Restoration Initiative. The project aims to re-establish an eagle breeding population in Vermont. (AP)

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