May 14, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Legislature’s Impact on Business
As the Legislature approaches the end of its current session, a lot of Vermonters are assessing what the lawmakers have done. One issues is the ongoing effort to attract and retain good jobs in Vermont. (Listen to the interview online.) (VPR)

Leahy Criticized
Senator Patrick Leahy’s job as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is coming under fire. Three conservative lawyers from around the country flew to Vermont Monday to accuse Leahy of delaying action on President Bush’s nominees to the federal bench. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Act 60 Sharing Pool
House and Senate negotiators began work on a compromise Act 60 reform plan on Monday. The future of the “sharing pool” of Act 60 is the largest issue separating the two chambers. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Federal Farm Bill
Senator James Jeffords is heralding the new farm bill, signed into law Monday by President Bush. Jeffords says the law provides Vermont dairy farmers with critical financial assistance for a number of years. (VPR)

Burke Lumber
A Northeast Kingdom lumber company may go back into business. A letter on file in the Sutton town clerk’s office indicates that the old Burke Lumber property may become a station for transferring Canadian lumber into the United States. (AP)

Road Closed for Snow
Smuggler’s Notch is closed this morning because of snow on the narrow Route 108 between Stowe and Jeffersonville. It was just opened for the season a week ago. (VPR)

Farm Bill Nutrition Programs
Two nutrition programs important to 15,000 Vermonters survived to become part of the farm bill signed yesterday. (AP)

Parking Garage Sold to State
The state of Vermont is the new owner of the $7 million parking garage in Rutland that the city could not operate at a profit. (AP)

Parker Transcripts
Transcripts of police interviews with James Parker will be released this week. Parker was one of two teenagers found guilty in the stabbing death of two Dartmouth College professors. (AP)

Flag Vandalism
St. Johnsbury police are looking for vandals who tore up a flag outside a church last weekend. It belonged to the widow of a veteran decorated in three wars. She wants to prosecute. (AP)

Dean on IBM
Governor Howard Dean says there’s not much the state can do to influence employment decisions at IBM in Essex Junction. An IBM staff member says employment decisions are not affected by state government policies, but by global market factors. (AP)

Swimming Hole Preserve
The state and a private conservancy group are teaming up to buy a popular swimming hole on the Black River in southeastern Vermont. (AP)

Death Penalty in Fell Murder Case
Donald Fell is trying to avoid a federal death penalty. Fell is accused of kidnapping a woman in Vermont and murdering her in New York two years ago. Attorney General John Ashcroft is seeking the death penalty in the case. (AP)

MA Methadone Funding
Thirty-five Vermont heroin addicts could lose access to methadone if Massachusetts cuts its Medicare funding. The Vermonters are treated for heroin addiction at clinic in Greenfield, MA. (AP)

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