Mattress Company Plans To Move To Manchester

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(Host) A New York company that makes mattresses for hotels and hospitals plans to move its operations to Manchester.

WCW Incorporated, which employs just over 100 people, is currently located in three buildings in Hoosick , New York. It also has a call center in Bennington.

The move will allow the company to consolidate operations under one roof in the former Applejack Building in Manchester.

WCW was founded in Bennington in 1981 but moved to New York 12 years ago in search of larger quarters.

Vermont officials offered the company a Vermont Economic Growth Incentives package estimated at half a million dollars. 

WCW Chairman John Wilkinson says Massachusetts also offered incentives, but the choice was clear.

(Wilkinson) "The state of Vermont did develop a very nice incentive package for us. So it was kind of a natural move, the building being exactly what we needed, and plenty of room for expansion. And we do plan to expand over the next five years."

(Host) Wilkinson says WCW’s patented mattress technology is used in major medical centers across the U.S. It also supplies mattresses for the Hilton Garden hotel chain and has recently branched into direct retail sales.

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