Markowitz says resolutions may affect Legislative debate

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(Host) Vermont Secretary of State Deb Markowitz says resolutions on the Town Meeting Day ballot brought out strong concerns from the voters. One resolution that called for legislative leaders to pursue universal health care in the state was approved in more than 20 towns.

Markowitz says an item like this can have an effect on the public debate.

(Markowitz) “People in our towns are really interested in having the Legislature find a solution. It’s really a good start for a Legislature that is already looking at this issue rather vigorously, trying to find a solution. I think this nudges them forward a bit.”

(Host) With some variations, 48 towns approved an item that questioned the role of the National Guard in the War in Iraq as well as the war itself.

(Markowitz) “Again there’s a vast majority that said, yes we want to send a message that we in Vermont are really hard hit when our National Guard is called up. We also feel like our National Guard is meant to be here for us, they’re very important to us here at home. So I think it expresses a very reasonable concern about the use of the National Guard to fight overseas.”

(Host) That resolution will be delivered to the legislature and the Vermont Congressional Delegation. Organizers hope the lawmakers will create a commission to address their concerns.

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