March 27, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Hoff’s Election
In the 1940s and 50s, Vermont was regarded as the most Republican state in the nation. No Vermont Democrat had won an important statewide election since before the Civil War. Finally, in 1958, Democrat William Meyer of West Rupert won election to Congress and Vermont’s Democratic Party began to stir. (Read the transcript or listen to the story online.) (VPR)

Hoff Administration
The tenure of former Governor Phil Hoff marked some important changes in the operations of state government in Vermont. Many of the key issues debated at the Statehouse in the 1960s are the same as those under discussion today. (Read the transcript or listen to the story online.) (VPR)

Prisoners’ Rights
Vermont is one of only four states that does not make it a crime for prison guards to have sexual contact with prison inmates. Human rights activists plan to gather at the Statehouse Wednesday to rally for legislation that would protect prison inmates. (VPR)

Cigarette Tax Proceeds
State Treasurer Jim Douglas and Lieutenant Governor Doug Racine, who will face off in next fall’s gubernatorial race, have very different ideas about how to use money from a proposed cigarette tax increase. (VPR)

Drought Relief
Despite this month’s precipitation, an increasing number of Vermonters are running short of water due to drought conditions affecting much of the Eastern U.S. (VPR)

CVPS Nominated
The state’s largest electric utility is a finalist for one of the industry’s top awards. Central Vermont Public Service Corporation was nominated for the Edison Award for its work to restore Vermont’s endangered ospreys. (VPR)

Koop on Cigarette Tax
Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop urged the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday afternoon to increase Vermont’s cigarette tax. (VPR)

American Skiing Company
ASC has backed out of a deal with the Vermont owners of Okemo Mountain. ASC was to have sold Steamboat ski resort in Colorado. (AP)

State Spending Plan
The Vermont House will consider the state budget this week after committees made sharp cuts in Governor Dean’s spending plan. (AP)

Winter Weather
Spring has been more wintry than winter, and last night’s storm dumped up to a foot of wet snow across the region. (AP)

National Guard
The army is recommending that the Vermont Guard members working international border crossings be armed on that duty. (AP)

Bus Driver Pleads Innocent
The driver of a ski tour bus that crashed on I-91 last month has pled innocent to negligence charges. (AP)

Air Pollution
Vermont will meet the new toughened air quality standards, but just barely, according to the state’s air pollution control officer. (AP)

Winooski School Board
A court in Burlington has ordered the Winooski school district to hold another election to settle a disputed seat on the school board. (AP)

Juvenile Justice
The Vermont Senate has endorsed a bill to create a commission on juvenile justice. The commission would coordinate efforts to help young people in trouble. (AP)

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