March 25, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Stowe Cemeteries
In Stowe, a request to set aside an area of the town cemetery for Jewish burials has met with some resistance and led to a debate over the separation of church and state. (VPR)

Dairy Compact
Late last week, the Vermont House overwhelmingly endorsed a resolution that calls on Congress to reauthorize the Northeast Dairy Compact. (VPR)

Anniversary of Sheep Seizing
A year ago, federal agents were in Vermont to seize two flocks of sheep suspected of carrying a form of mad cow disease. The flocks’ owners say they’re still waiting for the government to prove that their animals were sick. (VPR)

Champlain Flyer Service
The Dean Administration says it plans to actively fight any effort to cut funds for a commuter rail project in Chittenden County. (VPR)

Pollina’s Public Financing
Progressive Anthony Pollina announced on Friday afternoon that he will not seek public financing in his race for lieutenant governor this year. (VPR)

Dean Campaign
Governor Howard Dean was back in New Hampshire with his exploratory presidential campaign over the weekend. (AP)

Yankee Power Plant
Leaking fuels rods in the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant will require a shutdown of the plant in May, according to Vermont Yankee officials. (AP)

Act 60
Vermont House leaders are trying to modify the Act 60 school funding law, but the leadership’s plan is finding resistance among Republicans. (AP)

Phosphorous Pollution
A new survey indicates that much of the phosphorus pollution entering Lake Champlain comes not from farms but from suburban lawn fertilizers. (AP)

Tax Evader Jailed
A Lunenberg man has been jailed by police for resisting a bank foreclosure after he refused to pay land taxes. He defied the effort to evict him more than two years ago. (AP)

Champlain Flyer
Federal officials say it could cost Vermont $17 million to discontinue the Champlain Flyer commuter train. The federal aid that got it started was for a three-year trial that still has a year to go. (AP)

Bennington Bypass
Another section of the long-delayed Bennington Bypass is to be constructed beginning this season. (AP)

Ice Rescue
Two men from Connecticut were rescued from Lake Memphremagog when their snowmobiles went through thin ice over the weekend. (AP)

Recycling Prices
Prices for recycled glass have fallen sharply, causing the recycling authority to consider buying a machine to crush glass for other uses. (AP)

Teen Awarded for Activism
A Plainfield teenager is getting her picture in People Magazine for steering a bill to the Legislature that would help kids in state custody pay for college. (AP)

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