March 22, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Consumer Dairy Prices Steady, Despite Compact’s Demise
Despite the fact that farmers are being paid a lot less for milk these days, consumers are not paying less at the store. When the Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact started up five years ago, supermarkets immediately raised the price of milk. The compact expired in September. Wholesale milk prices dropped sharply in December. But the retail price has stayed the same. (VPR)

Intervale Move Casts Doubt on Egg Farm Expansion
A controversial egg farm in Highgate has lost a key partner for its expansion plans. A coalition of environmental and farm groups announced Wednesday that it would fight the egg farm’s plan to add 135,000 birds to its Highgate operation. The group calls the farm a factory food operation. (VPR)

All Judges Retained, Suntag by Slim Margin
Lawmakers have voted to retain five state judges for new six-year terms. While most of the judges were retained on strong votes, District Court Judge David Suntag was approved by a 16 vote margin. (VPR)

In Search of the Perfect Pancake
When the sap is boiling and the syrup is flowing this time of year , our thoughts turn to¿ pancakes. VPR uncovers the secrets behind a golden stack of tasty flapjacks in this audio postcard from Vermont kitchens. (Read the transcript or listen to the story online.) (VPR)

House Votes to Repeal Zero-Emissions Law
The Vermont House on Thursday afternoon voted to repeal the state’s mandate for the sale of zero emission vehicles by the year 2004. Vermont is one of four states in the country that requires the national car companies to make a non-polluting vehicle available for sale in the state or face financial penalties. (VPR)

Winter Roads Warning
There’s black ice on the roads in northern Vermont this morning, especially on I-89 north of Exit 17. (AP)

Bennington Monument
A group of Bennington citizens goes to the Statehouse next week, following up on a non-binding referendum to illuminate the Bennington Battle Monument. (AP)

Debt Reduction Fraud
The U.S. Attorney’s office has seized more than $2 million from a Bennington debt reduction company that the government says defrauded its clients. (AP)

Maple Festival
It’s maple syrup weekend in Vermont with open house at sugarhouses, and pancake breakfasts around the state. (AP)

Health Insurance
Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords has introduced a bill to make it easier for individuals and small businesses to form health insurance alliances. (AP)

Disabled Employment
Vermont is facing a federal funding cutoff for a program to help disabled people find jobs. (AP)

American Skiing Company
It’s crunch time for American Skiing. The company needs to complete its Steamboat resort sale by the end of the month to stay out of bankruptcy court. (AP)

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