March 19, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Interview with “Mac” MacIntyre
Steve Delaney talks with the owner of the Morning Star Caf¿ in Springfield, about that town’s cultural and community life in the wake of factory closings. (Listen to the interview online.) (VPR)

Redistricting Revisions
A special Senate Reapportionment Committee hopes to vote on a new House redistricting plan by the end of the week. It’s expected that the committee will make several changes to a proposal that was adopted by the House last month. (VPR)

Doyle Survey
According to the preliminary results of Senator Bill Doyle’s Town Meeting Day questionnaire, Vermonters appear to be split over a plan to raise the gas tax. (VPR)

New Federal Courthouse
Plans are being made for a new federal courthouse in Burlington. The idea is supported by the state’s congressional delegation, provided the replacement is built downtown. (AP)

Vermont state police say they could keep better track of criminals if they do more fingerprinting of suspects. There’s a bill in the Legislature to change the policy on fingerprinting. (AP)

Williston Sales Tax
Some Williston business owners are complaining that they’ll be hurt by the one-cent sales tax that Williston voters approved overwhelmingly earlier this month. (AP)

Armory Reopens
The National Guard has reopened its armory in Burlington for after-school activities. Youth groups are trying to arrange for evening hours as well. (AP)

Teen Sentenced in Pipe Bomb Case
An 18 year-old convicted of making pipe bombs will serve thirty days on a prison work crew, as an alternative to 30 days in jail. (AP)

Affordable Housing
Burlington will sign a lease for an affordable housing project on the waterfront. It will place 40 units on a 2-acre site. (AP)

Telecom Tower
A telecommunications company in Pownal may not be allowed to put antennas on a flagpole in the village square. Some residents say it would cheapen the view. (AP)

ASC Finance Report
The American Skiing Company reports another quarterly loss, this time $43.5 million. (AP)

Woodstock Jail
The Woodstock jail is now empty. The state is closing the facility in a move to save money. (AP)

Maple sugar season is moving right along in Vermont, with most sugar makers reporting a lot of high-quality syrup. Sugaring had an early start this year. (AP)

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