March 18, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Vermont Accent
A University of Vermont researcher is studying the Vermont accent to learn what makes the dialect unique and how it’s changing.

Pollina Investigation
A federal judge has said it’s too early for him to get involved in the fight between Democrats and Progressives over the state’s campaign funding law. At question is whether Progressive Party candidate Anthony Pollina qualifies for public financing.

Editor Thomas Winship Dies
Thomas Winship of Randolph Center, former editor of the Boston Globe, died Thursday at a Boston hospital.

Medicinal Marijuana Legislation
After two days of debate, the House gave its final approval to legislation that will allow doctors to prescribe marijuana to patients with terminal or chronic illnesses.

Spaulding Running for Treasurer
Former state senator Jeb Spaulding of Montpelier formally launched his campaign for state treasurer at the Statehouse on Friday afternoon.

Dresden School District Land
The towns of Norwich, Vermont, and Hanover, New Hampshire, make up the Dresden School District. The District’s middle school and high school are in downtown Hanover near Dartmouth College, but the schools need extensive repairs. Dartmouth College has offered to buy the land the schools are currently on.

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