March 14, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Right-to-Farm Law
A feud between neighbors landed in the Vermont Supreme Court yesterday in a test of Vermont’s Right to Farm Act. The law is designed to protect farm operations from nuisance suits that might arise from encroaching development and complaints about the smells and sounds of normal farm operations. (VPR)

Cigarette Tax
Supporters of a plan to increase the state cigarette tax say a new poll shows that a strong majority of Vermonters back their effort. According to a poll released by the Coalition for a Tobacco Free Vermont, 77% of the people responding to the survey support boosting the cigarette tax by as much as a dollar a pack. (VPR)

Stormwater Bill
The Vermont House has approved a bill that would make it easier for developers to win stormwater pollution permits. The bill was drafted in response to a ruling last summer that business groups said would restrict development in Chittenden County. (VPR)

VT Terrorism Bill
The Senate Judiciary Committee has started work on a new terrorism bill. The American Civil Liberties Union says the legislation is unnecessary and could have a chilling effect on the first amendment rights of Vermonters. (VPR)

Clavelle Endorses Racine
Burlington Mayor Peter Clavelle will support Democratic Lieutenant Governor Douglas Racine in this year’s race for governor. Clavelle, who’s a Progressive, says it’s somewhat unusual for him to support a candidate from a different party. (VPR)

Ethnic Names in Vanity Plates
The Vermont Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in a case brought by a Wallingford woman who was denied a vanity license plate containing the word “Irish.” The Department of Motor Vehicles policy prohibits vanity plates from including references to ethnic heritage. (VPR)

Newspaper Asks for Court Records
The Caledonian Record newspaper is asking a court to provide documents on teenager Tashia Beers. Beers may have played a role in the murder of her step-mother. The primary suspect is the woman foster son. (AP)

Representative Bernie Sanders says the extension of windpower tax credits will lead to more investment in windpower in Vermont. (AP)

Buffalo Mozzarella
A Vermont man has a plan to bring a herd of water buffalo to Vermont, and to make high-priced mozzarella cheese out of their milk. (AP)

Prison Break in St. Johnsbury
An inmate caught returning from a beer run in St. Johnsbury is getting an extra six months added to his sentence for felony prison break. (AP)

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