March 13, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Meub Bids for House Seat
Rutland attorney Bill Meub is seeking the Republican nomination for Vermont’s seat in the U.S. House. Meub, who announced his candidacy Tuesday, hopes to run against incumbent Congressman Bernard Sanders. (VPR)

Progressives Campaign Finance
The Vermont Progressive Party wants a federal judge to rule that political parties can share polling information with candidates who are seeking public financing. The party requested the ruling in response to an effort by the Democratic Party to make Anthony Pollina ineligible for public funds in the race for lieutenant governor. (VPR)

Nordic Ski Season
The mildest winter on record and continued drought conditions have combined to make for a difficult season at Vermont’s Nordic ski areas. (VPR)

Fraudulent Airbag Bill
The Vermont Senate on Tuesday gave its preliminary approval to legislation that is designed to protect people who ride in the front seat of a car. The bill imposes stiff penalties on car mechanics who knowingly replace air bags that have been activated in an accident with fraudulent materials. (VPR)

Judicial Retention
All five judges whose review was conducted this year in the Legislature have passed committee approval. They will likely to be retained on their benches. (AP)

Commuter Rail
The Legislature is debating whether commuter rail service between Charlotte and Burlington should be continued. The service is expensive and does not make a profit. (AP)

Economic Stimulus Package
Vermont’s finance commissioner says the just-passed economic stimulus bill will cost the state millions in lost revenue because of the tax breaks it grants to businesses. (AP)

UVM Admissions
It’s getting tougher to get into the University of Vermont. Acceptance have fallen as the number of applications has risen. UVM says that’s a boon to its efforts to improve academic quality. (AP)

Terrorism Bill
Civil libertarians are wary of a bill in the Vermont Legislature that would criminalize acts of terrorism and other activity, including hoaxes. (AP)

Nuclear Response
Vermont will get 93,000 potassium iodide tablets to protect against thyroid cancer in the event of an accident at Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. Vermont is one of nine states participating in a federal stockpiling program run by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. (AP)

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