March 11, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Civil Unions
Two years ago at town meeting, civil unions was a much talked about issue. This year, a referendum dealing with how homosexuality is discussed in schools barely received notice on town meeting day. Voter concern over civil unions and homosexuality may have waned. (VPR)

Deer Version of “Mad Cow Disease”
Scientists have discovered that deer in Wisconsin have been infected with a fatal brain disease. The illness is similar to mad cow disease and this is the first time it’s been detected in wild deer east of the Mississippi River. The discovery has raised concerns that the deer herd here in Vermont could be at risk. (VPR)

State Revenues Weak
Administration Secretary Kathy Hoyt says Vermont will probably have to dip into its rainy day fund in order to balance this year’s budget. Hoyt says a new revenue report shows continued weakness in state income tax receipts. (VPR)

Flu Deaths
Influenza has claimed four lives at a Burlington nursing home, though the state says the facility’s managers did everything right. Elderly people are especially vulnerable to the flu, say state officials. (AP)

Legislature Reconvenes
When Vermont lawmakers return to Montpelier tomorrow after a week off, they face a full plate of issues from taxes to regulating golf carts. (AP)

Vermont Mutual Deal
A three-way deal to find a new home for Vermont Mutual Insurance in Montpelier has fallen through. One of the parties involved found its new space to be too small. (AP)

Chester Court Settlement
The Vermont Supreme Court says the Town of Chester doesn’t have to pay $86,000 to an Illinois Company. The company sold parts for a water treatment plant to a town employee who was not authorized to buy them. (AP)

Weird Weather Continues
Burlington hit a record high temperature for March 3, at 63 degrees. The measurement was recorded just after midnight. In the following hour, the temperature dropped 20 degrees. (AP)

Barre City Voting
The clerk of Barre City said he was unaware of election regulations when he turned away would-be voters who had registered through the Motor Vehicles Department. He accepted responsibility for the situation; some voters were able to cast ballots later in the day. (AP)

Fire Departments and Border Traffic
Volunteer fire departments pass through the Vermont-Quebec border easily when reporting to a fire, according to customs officials along the frontier. (AP)

NH Primary turns 50
New Hampshire’s presidential primary was invented fifty years ago today, to prevent Presidential candidates from by-passing a small state on their way to the conventions. It has worked so well that ever since every president has campaigned in New Hampshire. (AP)

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