March 1, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Wireless in Vermont
More Vermonters are using wireless communication than ever before for convenience, safety, business and just to stay “connected.” In the conclusion to our series “Wireless in Vermont,” examines how cell phones are part of the cultural landscape. (Read the transcript or listen to the story online.) (VPR)

Diocese Sexual Misconduct Board
The Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington plans to meet today with the diocese’s Sexual Misconduct Board to discuss recent allegations involving Vermont priests. The allegations could be an important test for the diocese’s sexual misconduct policy and for Bishop Kenneth Angell. (VPR)

Taxes and School Funding
Governor Howard Dean says it’s up to the Legislature to find the money to increase state education funding. On Thursday, Dean defended his plan to level-fund the state’s block grant to schools. (VPR)

Tyminski Wins Grammy
West Rutland native Dan Tyminski has a share in a Grammy award. Tyminski is a member of the group The Soggy Bottom Boys, which has won a Grammy Award for the song “I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow.” (VPR)

State Income Tax
The Vermont House has approved a change in the state’s income tax law. The change is in response new federal tax rates and may allow the state to increase state aid to education next year. (AP)

Estate Taxes
The Vermont House has bi-partisan support for a new levy on estates. (AP)

Church Sex Abuse
The Catholic Diocese of Burlington says the church will report incidents of suspected child sex abuse by priests to state authorities when there are credible reports of misconduct. (AP)

Pollin’a Public Financing
Progressive Party leader Anthony Pollina may lose his right to public funding of a campaign for Governor or lieutenant governor, if the attorney general honors a request by Democrats. At issue is an expense that the Progressive made on Pollina’s behalf before that would disqualify him from public financing. (AP)

FBI Overhaul
Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy is calling for sweeping changes at the FBI, which has been under fire for security lapses. (AP)

State Armories
Some Vermont state senators want to change the law on the state’s 23 military armories, to assure that they can be used as community resources. Since September 11, the National Guard has restricted access to the facilities. Armories in the state are used for a variety on community programs, including after-school centers for youth. (AP)

Dean on the Road
Governor Howard Dean is on the road again, this time on a trade mission to South America. Dean will stop along the way for public speaking engagements in South Carolina and Texas. (AP)

Unemployment Rates
State officials say they’re wary of a report showing a half-point drop in January unemployment. The rate is surprising, given significant layoffs and a weak economy. (AP)

Warmest Winter on Record
The Weather Bureau says this is the warmest winter Vermont has ever had. The temperature in Burlington never hit the zero mark in December, January or February. (AP)

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