Marathon has surprise finish

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(Host) The 17th running of the Vermont City Marathon had its share of interesting finishes yesterday, the biggest being the winner in the men’s division. Chris Juarez is an Air Force officer from Texas who wasn’t even on the invited list of runners. Race Director, Andrea Sisino, says it was a pleasant surprise on a day when the weather held up, and a field of some 7,000 runners made it the largest marathon in the history of the event.

(Sisino) “Wonderful to see the finisher, someone in our Armed Forces come through – somebody we didn’t even know who was in our event. It was just a great highlight of the day to have him win the event. The crowds were spectacular once again. I think all of Vermont comes out to embrace this event and support the runners and just support people being here in beautiful Vermont.”

(Host) The fastest Vermonter to cross the line in the men’s division was Joshua Brown, who came in with a time of 2:38:28. The overall winner in the women’s division was Susan Loken of Phoenix, with a time of 2:51:08. And the fastest Vermonter in the women’s division was Amy Vile, who finished just a shade over 3 hours.

Other results from the wheelchair division: First place went to Scott Pellet of Coventry, Rhode Island. He finished with a time of 2:05:01. In the hand-cranked division of the wheelchairs, it was John McArdle of Montpelier, who finished with a time of 2:03:17. Congratulations to all runners who took part in yesterday’s 17th running of the Vermont City Marathon. A job well done.

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