Many Covered Bridges Destroyed In Flooding

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(Host) Among the damaged roads and bridges in Vermont are several of the state’s iconic covered bridges.  Many are tourist attractions that have withstood the test of time, but not Irene. 

State officials have not yet tallied the damage, but at least three and maybe more covered bridges have been swept away by powerful river currents.

Governor Peter Shumlin promises they, along with all the damaged roads, will be rebuilt.

(Shumlin) "When you see the number that went down rivers and streams in this storm you know that water levels were higher than what Vermont has ever experienced.  So this is new territory for all of us but we’re going to keep Vermont Vermont, and that means putting covered bridges back."

(Host) The Federal Government has declared a state of Emergency in Vermont and FEMA Director Craig Fugate is expected to survey damage in the state on today.

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