Maine National Guard Assists With Vt. Flood Repair

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(Host)  Maine has sent almost 200 members of their Air and Army National Guard to help with rebuild Vermont roadways and bridges – they arrived this afternoon in Rutland.

Lieutenant Colonel Norm Michard is with the Maine National Guard. He’s been in the state since Wednesday:

(Michard) "It’s very much given us an opportunity to assess the damage that’s been done here and put together a force package that’s necessary to support this operation.  We’ve met with the AOT here in Rutland and we’re able to coordinate with them what they needed done."

(Host) The Maine Guard units also came with 168 pieces of equipment for road construction.

Vermont Transportation Secretary Brian Searles said on Sunday there were 46 road closures left,   27 road wash outs   and 19   closed bridges.

(Searles)  "We’ve had bridge inspectors from Massachusetts DOT, equipment from New Hampshire, we’ve had help from New York.  And now, National Guard mobilization is really important because it will get us over the line. We’ve got some big jobs. The Stockbridge 107 job is a big job, Route 4 is a big job in several places. Route 100, several big jobs."

(Host) Searles says the extra manpower from the Maine National Guard is vital to getting those projects done.


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