Lynch drafting letter to delay Real ID enforcement in N.H.

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Governor John Lynch is drafting a letter to ask federal authorities to delay enforcing the Real ID law on New Hampshire residents so they don’t encounter problems boarding airplanes and entering federal buildings starting in May.

The delay would be until January 1st, 2010.

Senator Judd Gregg’s office says if a delay isn’t granted, New Hampshire driver’s licenses not meeting a federal standard won’t be accepted as identification at airports or to enter federal buildings starting May 11th. Residents will be required to submit to a secondary screening at airports unless they have a passport or other federally approved form of identification, such as a military ID.

New Hampshire is one of only five states that have not submitted a request for a delay. Delaware, Maine, Montana and South Carolina are the other states. Gregg’s office said all requests will be granted and the extension won’t commit the state to complying with the Real ID program.

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