Lt. Governor candidates start first day on campaign trail

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(Host) The first day on the campaign trail for the Lt. Governors candidates could not have been more diverse.

Democrat Matt Dunne, who edged out John Tracy in the primary yesterday, was out on the streets in Hartland thanking his supporters.

He was also talking about his call on Monday for a boycott of International Paper products. That’s in response to the EPA decision this week to allow I.P. to go forward with a test tire burn’ at its Ticonderoga plant

(Dunne) “What I believe is that we have the opportunity to show our concern over this action with our pocketbooks. And I do know that some businesses in Vermont have already started to not purchase I.P. products we just got word today and I think it will send a message.”

(Host) Meanwhile, the incumbent Republican candidate is now thousands of miles away from Vermont. Lt. Governor Brian Dubie was deployed to Iraq late last week.

Dubie is a member of the US Air Force Reserve. He’s on a classified mission, serving as part of a field assessment team’. Major John Elolf of U.S. Central Command Air Forces says he doesn’t know when Dubie was notified of the deployment, but that it was to be expected.

(Elolf) “As part of the Air Force reserve, you are subject to deployments. And this is his. He has deployed in support of OIF – Operation Iraqi Freedom. And he is doing this as part of his duties as a colonel in the Air Force Reserve.”

(Host) Dubie is expected to return to Vermont by the end of the month.

Meanwhile, Dr. Marvin Malek, who’s main issue is health care reform, was seeing patients today in Barre. Malek is running as a Progressive. He’ll be outlining his health care plan next Wednesday at an event in Burlington.

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