Longtime Legislator, Rick Hube, Dies At 62

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(Host) Longtime State Representative Rick Hube of South Londonderry died unexpectedly Monday while visiting his sister in Florida.

Hube, who was 62, was known as a fiscal conservative and social liberal. He was one of a handful of  Republicans to vote in favor of gay marriage earlier this year.

But he also opposed what he considered an unrealistic 2010 budget. Here he is, speaking in the Legislature last spring.

(Hube) "The challenges are significant, the challenges are real, and the challenges are not going away… as I see it the budget is built on questionable growth assumptions unsustainable spending increases and unannounced revenues."

(Host) House minority leader Patti Komline, of neighboring Dorset, called Hube a mentor and a friend.  She says he had a big heart and an open mind, despite his sometimes outspoken ways.

(Komline) Rick lived for his job and serving his constituents.  He really listened to his constituents. And I think he’ll be remembered in the legislature for being the primary guardian of the education fund, for working so hard to fight for reform for his constituents and for all of Vermont. It’s a hug loss for his district.

Governor Jim Douglas, who recently traveled with Hube on a mission to China, praised Hube’s quick wit, and his dedication.

(Douglas) He was a tireless advocate for property tax reform. He represented a part of the state where the burden was quite high, in resort communities, second home owners, those who made contributions to our state’s prosperity… he felt passionately that the states property tax burden was too high.

(Keese) Both the Governor and Minority Leader Komline pledged to continue Hube’s reform efforts in the upcoming session.

A memorial service is being planned for Hube’s birthday, January 31.



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