Local Red Cross chapter accepts donations for Asia relief

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(Host) The Northern Vermont Chapter of the American Red Cross says it’s received many calls from people who want to contribute to the disaster relief effort in Asia. The death toll from flooding caused by an underwater earthquake had climbed to more than 52,000 by Tuesday evening.

A Vermont Red Cross spokesman says financial donations are the fastest and most efficient form of assistance. Timothy Stetson says money collected by the local Red Cross will be given to the organization’s counterparts in the affected countries:

(Stetson) “The American Red Cross is a member of the federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. If folks make the contribution, what’s really important is that they in fact highlight on their check somewhere that the donation is for the south Asia earthquake. Something so that we know that that’s what they’re making the donation for.”

(Host) Stetson says because money can be transferred easily, financial donations can quickly reach affected areas to be used to purchase relief supplies.

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