Liberty Union Party fielding full slate of candidates this year

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(Host) The Liberty Union Party is fielding a full slate of candidates for statewide office this year, among them gubernatorial hopeful Peter Diamondstone.

Speaking on VPR’s Vermont Edition, Diamondstone said in the 38 years since the party was created, the Liberty Union platform has remained the same – calling for socializing many parts of the economy, including health care and energy.

(Diamondstone) "We have in the platform a sentence that says we foster small businesses and individual private enterprise, but other than that we look to see that the major means of production are community owned."

(Host) Diamondstone has been running for office on the Liberty Union ticket since it was founded.

Lieutenant Governor candidate Ben Mitchell is new to the ticket. Mitchell says the party gives him free reign to express any opinion.

(Mitchell) "To be able to speak beliefs outside of that narrow pocket that is the acceptable political discourse is a lot of fun."

(Host) Mitchell says many of the principles that the Liberty Union Party has embraced for years – like the need to move from fossil fuels to alternative energy – are now more relevant than ever.

The Liberty Union is considered a major party in Vermont because at least one of its candidates received a minimum of five percent of the vote in the last statewide election.


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