Libertarian candidate calls for reduced services

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(Host) Officials of the Vermont Libertarian Party are calling for a significant reduction in state government services in order to lower tax burdens across the state.

Speaking Tuesday night on VPR’s Switchboard program, the Party’s candidate for attorney general, Chris Constanzo, said he would support efforts to eliminate most of the functions of the Vermont Education Department as a way to reduce taxes:

(Constanzo) “And they put out papers and studies and they wade through the maze of federal grant funding and then they deal with supervisory unions which have their own staffs and they allocate, create, figure out, buy technology, put in computers and they then interfere with the schools. And the schools have their own staffs which have to worry about dealing with what the supervisory union is saying, what the Department of Education says, which deals with what the federal government says. I think the government should be out of this. It’s a monster.”

(Host) Constanzo says the Libertarian Party would like to repeal the state income tax and replace it with a series of user fees for many state services.

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