Legislature Revisits Question Of Who Owns ‘Pete The Moose’

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(Host) The Vermont Legislature is trying to figure out how to deal with "Pete The Moose" again. Pete is a captive moose that lives inside a game farm in Irasburg.

The animal was given a special reprieve by the Legislature last year under a law that granted ownership of ‘Pete’ to the owner of the farm.

A bill that won preliminary House approval would return the moose to the jurisdiction of the Fish and Wildlife Department. Shelburne Democrat Kate Webb says the bill attempts to take the emotion out of the issue.

(Webb) "The bill before you is not about one charismatic moose on a social network. It is about who owns the wildlife in the state of Vermont. And if this bill passes, it will say that the people do."

(Host) Pete the Moose has become a pop culture icon with thousands of fans on its own Facebook page.

Opponents say they worry that the bill violates private land owners’ rights.

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