Learning The Dance And Music Of Their Native Land

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For the past 20 years, The Vermont Folklife Center’s Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program has helped keep alive a variety of traditional arts and skills.

Some have a long history in our area.  Others were brought here in recent years by new immigrant communities.

The program fosters relationships between people who are masters in their art and those who want to learn.

Over the years, the Folklife Center has funded hundreds of apprenticeship projects in areas as diverse as stonecutting and African dance. 

This week on Vermont Edition we’ll hear from people who’ve been both apprentices and masters and learn why they feel the traditions they practice are important to maintain.

We begin with a woman who came to Vermont thirteen years ago. 

She founded a group called the Bosnian Lilies, and taught the children of immigrant families the dance and music of their native land.   

Note:   The Bosnian Lilies did more than 100 performances around Vermont.  You can see photos of the group and watch a video at VPR.net.

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