Leahy Supports Decision Not To Release Bin Laden Photo

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(Host) Senator Patrick Leahy says he understands why President Obama has decided not to release photographs of slain terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

The President says releasing the photographs could incite violence in some parts of the world, and provide a propaganda tool for terrorists that could endanger U.S. troops.

Leahy is a former prosecutor. And he says crime scene photos can be difficult to look at.

(Leahy) "I’ve been to scenes in my former career where’s somebody’s been shot to death shot in the head it is not a pretty sight by any means and I think they have to realize that. What you’re going to see if this is made public is a very gruesome scene somebody looking at it will realize it’s Osama bin Laden but it’s a pretty gruesome scene."

(Host) Leahy has been briefed on the killing of bin Laden but he declined to say if he has seen the photographs.

He says there’s no doubt in his mind that Navy SEALS did the right thing by firing at bin Laden, even though there are reports that he was unarmed.

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