Leahy Implores Senate To Vote On Guns

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Senator Patrick Leahy says he’s pleased that the debate over gun control legislation will proceed in the U.S. Senate over the next few weeks.

An effort to filibuster the legislation was defeated on Thursday.

The legislation would expand the federal background check system for gun shows and be used for all gun sales on the Internet. It would also toughen penalties for individuals who purchase guns for people who are prohibited from owning those weapons.

Speaking on the Senate floor, Leahy urged his colleagues to allow a vote on the bill.

"Stand up and be counted. Stand up and be counted," Leahy implored. "We can all agree that criminals and those adjudicated as mentally ill should not buy firearms. Why should we not try to plug the loopholes in the law that allows them to buy guns without background checks ? Stand up and be counted! It’s a simple matter of common sense."

And Leahy said there’s a lot of support across the country for the basic provisions of the bill.

"Americans across this great country are looking for solutions and for action, not filibusters or sloganeering," Leahy said. "Americans are saying stand up and be counted." 

Over the next few weeks, the Senate will consider an amendment to the bill that would ban the sale of semi-automatic military style assault weapons and a proposal to limit the size of gun magazines.

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