Leahy confident in swift confirmation of Obama’s AG choice

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(Host) In Chicago, President-elect Barack Obama makes news with cabinet appointments nearly every day.

And in Washington, Senator Patrick Leahy affirmed his confidence that one of Obama’s early choices, Eric Holder for Attorney General, will receive a swift confirmation by the Senate.

That’s despite the threat of Republican opposition mobilized by former Bush administration political adviser Karl Rove.

(Leahy) “They’ll holler and carry on, but he will be confirmed. A lot of Republicans have told me privately they’re embarrassed by the efforts of their party against him and they intend to vote for him.”

(Host) As chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Leahy now says he expects Holder’s confirmation hearing to take place soon after Congress convenes in January. Though not in the first week, as Leahy previously called for.


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