Leahy announces security funds for local services

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(Host) When the war on terrorism is fought at home, the country’s fire and police services are on the front lines. The effort is expensive – the National Governor’s Association estimates that states experienced a $7 billion increase in security costs last year.

On Friday, Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy went to a South Burlington firehouse to unveil legislation that would funnel $4 billion annually to local police and fire departments. Leahy says the issue is non-partisan:

(Leahy) “This is not a Democratic or Republican bill. This is an American bill. It will pass, the money will go in there. And you, who are here to help protect all of us, will get the help you need, too. So thank you very, very much.” (Sound of applause.)

(Host) The legislation would set up a grant program in the Department of Justice. The money would be used to pay up to 90% of the cost of overtime, equipment and training expenses.

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