Leahy Addresses Democratic National Convention

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(Host) Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy addressed the Democratic National Convention in Boston on Wednesday.

In his comments, Leahy focused on foreign policy. He told delegates that the Bush administration’s approach to international affairs has changed the way the world views the United States since the outpouring of international support in the wake of the September 11 attacks.

(Leahy) “But sadly, three short years later, most of that good will is gone – the result of a go-it-alone administration that has pulled the United States out of treaty after treaty and alienated our allies and undermined our national security with a misguided rush to invade Iraq.”

(Host) Howard Dean has also been in attendance at the convention. The former Vermont governor and one-time front runner in the presidential primaries received a thunderous welcome from convention delegates when he delivered a speech there Tuesday night. Some party leaders say Dean’s unbridled criticism of President Bush helped give momentum to Senator John Kerry’s presidential campaign.

The Democratic National Convention concludes Thursday night when Kerry accepts his party’s nomination for president.

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