Lawmakers Ready For 2013 Session

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Governor Peter Shumlin says his legislative agenda boils down to one word … jobs.

The Legislature gathers in Montpelier this morning for the start of the 2013 session. The House and Senate will be gaveled into session at 10 a.m. and all new lawmakers will be sworn into office.

Governor Peter Shumlin says lawmakers and policy makers will have to be almost single-minded in their focus.

"The entire session from my perspective will be about jobs and raising incomes for those who have jobs. As you know, this is not a new theme for me," Shumlin said.

There will be a lot of pomp and ceremony as legislators take their oaths of office and when Shumlin and other statewide officers are inaugurated tomorrow.

But Shumlin says he will work with lawmakers to build the state’s economy.

"I feel very strongly that by focusing on the four initiatives we’re getting success on in jobs and delivering on them, we will grow more jobs. And we will raise incomes for Vermonters who have jobs right now but aren’t earning enough. What are they: Education state connected to the internet with an affordable, sensible health care plan that contains costs and renewables that grow jobs and we’ve got a bright jobs future," Shumlin said.

But before anyone at the Statehouse can concentrate on jobs, they have to get settled into office.

Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott will be inaugurated for a second term today as he presides over the Senate.

Members of the House are expected to get their committee assignments this morning after the election of a speaker.

Senate committee assignments will probably come later in the week.

Shumlin and other statewide officers will be inaugurated tomorrow afternoon.

Listen to legislative proceedings anytime the House and Senate are in session.

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