Lawmakers On Track For Weekend Adjournment

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(Host) Vermont lawmakers are wrapping up their work in Montpelier and appear to be on target to adjourn this weekend.

At this hour, lawmakers are ironing out their differences on a tax bill that needs to pass before the state budget can be approved.

The House is also debating legislation that allows up to four dispensaries for medical marijuana.

Northfield Representative Anne Donahue says medical marijuana is already legal in Vermont. But she said those who need it have a hard time buying the substance legally.

(Donahue) "Our starting point today is a seven year successful history of compassionate mechanisms to address marijuana use in these narrow circumstances. And nothing in this bill changes from that fundamental public policy that we adopted in 2004. The missing link that it addresses is safe access for registered patients."

(Host) A comprehensive energy bill has also cleared both the House and the Senate. The legislation extends incentives for renewable energy projects and adds consumer protection provisions for people who buy propane gas.


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