Lawmakers eye ski and lodging marketing campaign

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(Host) Vermont’s lawmakers want to help the ski and lodging industries hurt by this winter’s slow start.

Senate President Peter Shumlin says legislative leaders hope to pump $200,000 into a marketing campaign.

It would be focused on nearby urban areas to let skiers and snowmobilers know there’s plenty of snow in Vermont.

(Shumlin) “The ski industry, the snow-related business industry is facing one of the most difficult times they’ve ever experienced. And we feel it’s really important to help some of those communities out.”

(Host) Shumlin says lawmakers want to make inns and other establishments eligible for low-interest loans from the Vermont Economic Development Authority.

(Shumlin) “We have a whole group of small businesses, small restaurants, bed and breakfasts and other folks that are in the hospitality industry that cater to snow-related tourists who are in a crisis. And we want to make it possible for them to access low interest, small business VEDA loans to get them through the next 12 months.”

(Host) Lawmakers may also allow towns to waive the eight percent late fee for businesses having a tough time paying their property taxes.

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