Lawmakers ask for delay in FCC rules change

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(Host) Vermont Congressman Bernie Sanders has joined forces with House Democrats to ask the Federal Communications Commission to delay a decision on media ownership rules.

The FCC is scheduled to vote June 2 on a rule that would allow a newspaper chain to buy a television station in the same media market. Sanders and other critics say this could limit the diversity of news sources, and further consolidate control of the media into a few large corporations.

Sanders says the FCC needs to seek public input on the rule change.

(Sanders) “So what we have done is asked the FCC – this is a huge issue, hold public hearings all over America. We held a public hearing at St. Michael’s College; we had close to 600 people out. Imagine what they would have in Los Angeles or New York City. Hold meetings all over the country, discuss this issue. Postpone your decision until you hear from the people.”

(Host) Sanders, who’s an independent, says about 90 members of Congress – including key Democratic leaders – signed on to the letter.

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