Lawmaker: New Revenues Must Be Devoted To Transportation Projects

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A key leader in the Legislature says he’s open to boosting transportation fund revenues.

House Transportation Committee Chairman Pat Brennan says gas tax receipts are down because there are more fuel efficient cars, electric vehicles and truck fleets fueled by compressed natural gas.

So he’s willing to consider ideas put forward by the Shumlin administration and others.

But Brennan says any money that’s raised will have to be devoted to roads, bridges and other transportation projects.

"All eyes are on that fund now," Brennan says. "It’s being watched by everyone: legislators, constituents, alike. So to raid that fund at any time would … I don’t think you’d get away with it these days."

Brennan says Transportation Fund money was sometimes redirected to other needs in the past.

And he says that’s part of the reason there’s a shortfall now.

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