Latest report by feds gives mixed report on State Hospital

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Federal regulators who’ve been monitoring the Vermont State Hospital issued a new report yesterday. It’s a 75-page checklist that contains both criticism and praise for the hospital’s improvements, following a critical review in 2005.

The report was prepared by the U.S. Department of Justice, based on site visits by two clinical experts. It lauds the hospital for improvement in rehabilitation, treatment and patient care. But it finds fault in other areas, including patient assessment and refining the reporting process for incidents at the facility.

The clinical experts were appointed y the Justice Department to assess Vermont’s efforts to remedy problems at the hospital. It was criticized in July 2005 for having jail-like settings, too much reliance on physical restraints and a poor system for tracking incidents of abuse.

Under the federal regulators’ four-year monitoring plan, the hospital is to receive compliance visits every six months. 

The state’s mental health commissioner Michael Hartman, said the latest report shows the hospital is making progress in improving conditions.

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