Last Election Result Of 2010 Is Finalized

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(Host) Election season is well behind us, but one race just got finalized today.

The Vermont House was asked to decide whether Democrat Sarah Buxton had properly won election to a district representing several Windsor and Orange county towns.

The chairwoman of the Government Operations Committee, Representative Donna Sweaney, delivered the recommendation to the House.

(Sweaney) "Your House Government Operations Committee has reached the conclusion … that Ms. Sarah Buxton of Windsor-Orange 1 was duly elected and is qualified to represent the Windsor-Orange 1 district."

(Host) After votes were counted on Election Day, Buxton was declared the winner over Republican incumbent David Ainsworth by a single vote.

That resulted in a recount and then a court challenge. Ultimately, Ainsworth asked the House to overturn Buxton’s win because of a dispute over an absentee ballot from overseas.

But with today’s vote, the House refused, and instead confirmed the result.

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