Lambert Steps Down From Commerce Agency

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(Host) Vermont Commerce Secretary Molly Lambert will resign from her post July 1 to serve as the new president of the Vermont Captive Insurance Association. Lambert says that as the Dean administration winds down it’s final year, the time is right to move on.

Lambert is proud of her accomplishments as Governor Dean’s chief advisor on programs related to economic development. She says that Vermont benefited greatly from the Downtown Development Act and the Tax Incentive Program, both enacted shortly before her appointment in 1998:

(Lambert) “I think both of those programs, over the last four years have grown substantially, and I think they’ve contributed very positively to the communities.”

(Host) Lambert says that despite a threatening recession, life has improved for employees and manufacturers:

(Lambert) “We’ve improved air service substantially, we’ve initiated a We Do Business program to work on retaining the jobs and the businesses that we have in this state…. We have initiated a successful communities initiative to focus on the particularly hard-hit areas of southern Windsor County and the Northeast Kingdom during the present recession….”

(Host) Lambert adds that despite the recent series of manufacturing layoffs, Vermont has been well-prepared for the recession cycle:

(Lambert) “The short term outlook I think is that Vermont, like the rest of the country is beginning to recover. It’s a two steps forward, one step backward kind of recovery, and that’s why we’ll have weeks like we did last week when we have more layoffs and plant closures. But in general I think manufacturing orders are picking up, our financial services industry is very strong, our tourism industry is steady, our construction industry is doing well….”

(Host) Steve Patterson, who is currently the deputy secretary of the Commerce Agency, will serve as commerce secretary following Lambert’s departure.

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