Lake Champlain Rising, Not Expected To Flood

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(Host) Many in Vermont are anxiously watching the weather, as more rain is forecast for the region today, touching off flash flood warnings.

National Weather Service meteorologist William Hanley says rain over most of the region will be light, but it could be heavy in some areas. And Hanley says heavy rain could be dangerous in places that have already experienced flooding:

(Hanley) In Southern Vermont where they had a lot of roads wash out and a lot of soil erosion, where they’ve had landslides, and the ground is still very saturated, there’s still the potential that any kind of rain could cause problems there too.

(Host) All of the rainfall over the past week has also pushed the level of Lake Champlain higher. The lake is still two feet below flood stage, but it’s risen about 3 feet in one week, and Hanley says that’s unusual for the end of summer:

(Hanley) That’s kind of unusual this time of year, normally you don’t get that kind of rainfall, from a tropical storm or anything, the lake would be several feet lower, so it is unusual in that respect.

(Host) The lake could see more slow steady rises over the next few days, but it’s not expected to approach flood stage of 100 feet.

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