Lake Champlain Creeping Almost Below Flood Stage

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(Host) Lake Champlain is about to fall below flood stage.

The level of the lake is still slightly above 100 feet. But National Weather Service meteorologist Eric Evenson says that’s about to change.

(Evenson) "With just some light precipitation expected later this afternoon and tonight and not much for the rest of the weekend, it may very well drop below 100 feet, which is flood stage."

(Host) There’s been flooding along the lakeshore since April 13th, when the lake first surged above 100 feet.

At its highest, Lake Champlain reached more than 103 feet. Combined with wind and waves, the flooding caused millions of dollars in damage to roads, bridges and buildings.

Lake Champlain flows north into the Richelieu River in Quebec, where there’s also been flooding.

Evenson says conditions are also getting better in Quebec.

(Evenson) "The higher water levels that we had earlier were obviously impacting them significantly. But now that the lake’s getting to the point where it’s going to drop below flood stage, that’s definitely going to help any of the high water that they’ve experienced over on the other side of the border."

(Host) The lower levels on the lake also mean that boating and fishing season is finally getting started.

The annual Father’s Day fishing derby sponsored by Lake Champlain International takes place this weekend.

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