Lake Champlain Begins To Level Off

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(Host) The heaviest rains stopped yesterday across northern Vermont and northeastern New York. But the level of Lake Champlain kept rising.

National Weather Service meteorologist Brooke Taber says most of the rainfall has now run off into the lake.

(Taber) "Looking at the latest graphs of the Lake Champlain lake level it looks like it’s leveled off now right around 102.7. And it’ll continue at that level through the remainder of this afternoon and into this evening. And then based on the forecasts for the next several days, it should begin to slowly recede again."

(Host) The lake is still 2.7 feet above flood stage. Temporary repairs to roads and bridges have made most areas passable. But there are still many homes and businesses that are surrounded by water. And many basements are still wet. Taber says the forecast for the next couple of weeks calls for unstable weather, which means there will probably be more rain. And he says that means the lake will continue to flood.

(Taber) "To get back to normal levels it’s going to take at least three to four more weeks. So we’re looking at probably mid to late June until it gets back to near-flood stage, which is 100 feet."

(Host) Federal emergency management officials are touring the region today to assess damage from flash floods along rivers last month, and lake flooding since then.

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