LaBarge announces candidacy for treasurer

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(Host) Republican John LaBarge announced his candidacy for state treasurer Thursday. La Barge said his three goals are to maintain Vermont’s bond rating, to protect the state employees’ pension fund and to keep the treasurer’s office efficient.

Addressing a group of 50 supporters at Burlington City Hall, LaBarge said he believes his track record as a fiscal conservative will appeal to Vermonters:

(LaBarge) “I’m a middle class, middle income, working Vermonter who knows what it is to work hard for his money – just as you know what it is to work hard for yours. And I will not take chances with your money.”

(Host) La Barge retired from the Vermont House last spring, having served as a representative for 10 years. LaBarge says he expects the job of treasurer to be a departure from his role as House majority leader:

(LaBarge) “I see the office of treasurer as being non-political. I don’t have an agenda. I have to just maintain the money and the books for the state of Vermont. I’m not going to politicize the office, it’s really non-political. It’s one of the things that attracted me to the office, is that I don’t have to worry about an agenda.”

(Host) LaBarge is the only Republican in the state treasurer’s race. Democrats will choose between candidates Ed Flanagan and Jeb Spaulding in the September 10 primary. The winner of that race will face LaBarge in the November election.

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