Killington employees layed off

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(Host) The new owner of Killington and Pico Resorts has fired a number of employees, but won’t say exactly how many.

The layoffs come as part of what is being described as a major restructuring by Powdr Corporation of Park City, Utah.

Killington spokesman Tom Horrocks says the restructuring was necessary in order for the resorts to maintain stable financial health.

While refusing to say how many employees were affected by Monday’s layoffs, Horrocks said the impact was felt across the board.

(Horrocks) “It was a significant restructuring that affected a lot of people from a lot of different departments at every level of our organization. We don’t want to quantify it by putting a number on it, but one thing that is certain, these folks that were released on Monday, their wages were paid through July 11th, as well as any outstanding vacation time. And for those who elected to exercise it, they will receive a severance package that’s based upon their years of service with Killington Limited. The scope of this separation package was very significant for them.”

(Host) Spokesman Tom Horrocks added that there would be no additional layoffs.

The sale of Killington and Pico Resorts to Powdr Corporation was announced in February. At the time, Killington Resort President Alan Wilson said the future for both resorts looked very bright .

Since taking over operations last month, Powdr Corporation cancelled lifetime season passes that had been issued to early investors in the resort. The company also announced an increase in season pass prices.

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