Killington continues secession talks with New Hampshire

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(Host) Town leaders from Killington met with New Hampshire Governor John Lynch on Monday to discuss whether the town can secede from Vermont and join New Hampshire.

Josh Rogers reports:

(Rogers) The Killington delegation met with Governor Lynch and a bipartisan group of legislative leaders. They’re hoping lawmakers will establish a study commission to hash out the logistics of the Vermont town becoming New Hampshire’s 235 municipality.

Killington town manager David Lewis says he know of no precedent for what the town is pursuing and is well aware that the year-old secession effort remains a long shot.

(Lewis) “It’s going to be very difficult for this to happen, but it was the best odds that we had as far as getting some fairness and some tax relief. We don’t feel we have even those odds in Vermont.”

(Rogers) Lewis is says Killington’s local property taxes would be cut in half by New Hampshire’s current local property tax funding system. For the secession to occur it would need to survive a series of votes and gain approval from town residents and from New Hampshire and Vermont Legislatures and Congress.

For Vermont Public Radio, I’m Josh Rogers.

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