Killington Becomes Hub For Emergency Supplies

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(Host) About half of the residents in the town of Killington are still without power and water.

Food, water and other supplies were provided to residents last night. The town is not cut off from the rest of the state, as some other communities are.

Because the town is accessible, Killington is serving as a hub for the 3,500 people in it and the surrounding towns.

Susie Dundas is with the town of Killington. She says a lot of supplies are being funneled through the town to other communities.

(Dundas) "I think everyone was surprised by the extent of the damage, nobody expected the roads to wash away, but everyone is in pretty good spirits. Since we had this coordinated volunteer effort, we’ve had a pretty solid effort at getting information out to everyone. I think the biggest concern people had was not knowing what was going, and we’re working to remedy that as fast as we can."

(Host) FEMA will be on the ground in the Killington area to assess damage to homes. At this hour, Route 4 from Killington to Rutland is available for Emergency vehicles only.




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