Kearney Says Gold Medal Is “Beautiful”

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One Vermonter’s shot at redemption was dashed at the Olympic Games in Vancouver yesterday. In the semi-finals for the Snowboard cross competition, Lindsey Jacobellis of Stratton stumbled after a jump, went off course, and was disqualified. Jacobellis was hoping to win the gold after settling for a silver medal in the games in Italy four years ago.

But another Vermonter who faced disappointment in the Turino games is basking in what she admits is a feeling of redemption four years later.

Hannah Kearney of Norwich won gold in the womens’ moguls Saturday. She was just 19 when she was favored to win gold in Turino and instead finished in 22nd place.

VPR’s Mitch Wertlieb caught up with a tired but happy and gracious Kearney by cell phone at the athlete’s village in Vancouver, and asked her if she was concerned about the conditions before the race, especially the rain and fog that seemed to envelop the entire course at the time of her gold medal run.

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