June 9, 2004 – News at a glance

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Lawmakers must return for veto session
Lawmakers will be returning to the Statehouse next week because Governor Jim Douglas has vetoed a piece of legislation. The adjournment motion of the Legislature allows members to come back to Montpelier to give them an opportunity to override a gubernatorial veto. (AP)

Democrats hope to win Senate seats
Democrats hope to pick up at least two seats in the Northeast Kingdom in elections this fall. (AP)

Vermont hit hard by Iraqi casualties
Vermont has been hit unusually hard by casualties in the Iraq war. The deaths of ten soldiers in Iraq — an eleventh died of natural causes in Kuwait — mean that people with ties to Vermont account for more than one percent of total combat casualties. (AP)

Friends reflect on the loss of Sgt. Jamie Gray
Vermonters found themselves in a sad but familiar ritual this week as they mourned the death of another young soldier killed in Iraq. People in the Montpelier area remembered National Guard Sergeant Jamie Gray as an athlete, a dedicated worker and a trusted friend. (VPR)

VT inmates in KY moved to another facility
The 205 Vermont prison inmates being held in Kentucky are being moved to another facility in that state run by the same for-profit prison company. Vermont Corrections Commissioner Steve Gold says the Marion Adjustment Center in Saint Mary, Kentucky, has been criticized as too small. (AP)

Douglas signs bill for online sex offender registry
Governor Jim Douglas has signed the Internet Sex Offenders Registry bill into law. Backers of the plan say it will help protect victims from sexual predators in the future. (VPR)

Dubie says U.S. should revisit Cuba policies
Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie says the time has come for the United States to lift its trade embargo and its travel restrictions with Cuba. (VPR)

Interview: Doug Anderson, “Working” director
Steven Schwartz sat in with the Middlebury Community players this week to see their production of his play “Working”. Mitch Wertlieb talks with Doug Anderson, artistic director of Middlebury’s Town Hall Theater and director for this production of “Working”. (VPR)

Judge’s student suspension decision criticized
Harwood Union High School officials are criticizing a judge’s decision that allowed a student to compete in a track meet after he had been suspended for drinking. (AP)

Williston water woes
Some residents in Williston do not want to pay the cost of hooking up to a town municipal water system because of the cost, but others want to because the wells in town may not contain enough supply for all residents. (AP)

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