June 4, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Interview: Springfield
Steve Delaney interviews Patricia Moulton Powden, a sort of ‘industrial nutritionist’ for Springfield. Powden has been in the middle of the effort to salvage something out of the Bryant Grinder and Fellows closings. (Listen to the interview online.) (VPR)

The Legislative stalemate over next year’s budget and reapportionment continued at the Statehouse on Monday afternoon. Senate Republicans are trying to block consideration of the budget until a compromise can be reached on reapportionment and the dispute may carry over to the House later this week. (Listen to the sotry online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Ski Areas Report
Despite a difficult season, Vermont ski areas report an above average turnout last winter. According to the Ski Areas Association, there were just over four million skier visits for the two thousand one, two thousand two season. (VPR)

State Budget
The state budget is up for final debate today in the state Senate, after Republicans forced a one-day procedural delay. (AP)

State officials are trying to figure out how to proceed with elections if the redistricting plans cannot be resolved by the Legislature. Vermont elections officials are wondering whether the Legislature or the State Supreme Court will set the district lines for the next legislative election. (AP)

Rutland Budget
The Mayor of Rutland is proposing a $17 million budget for next year, up $800,000 from the current one. (AP)

High Tech Economy
A new report says the state’s high tech industry is becoming an increasingly vital part of the Vermont economy. (AP)

Septic Bill Passes
The Vermont Senate has passed a bill rewriting the state’s septic and waste disposal guidelines. (AP)

West Nile Virus
New Hampshire health authorities are warning that West Nile virus, transmitted by mosquitoes, may affect humans this year as it has shown up in animals in prior years. (AP)

Ground Water Levels
Precipitation levels are normalizing across Vermont but the drought had a severe impact on ground water, which is still depleted. (AP)

Holland Road Project Deterred
A man-fights-town-hall story is brewing in Holland, where a man does not want the town to cut maple trees to straighten a road. He is going to court to stop the project. (AP)

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