June 3, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Legislature Still in Session
The Vermont Legislature failed to adjourn late Saturday night because of disagreements over the state budget and reapportionment, so lawmakers will be back in Montpelier this week. There’s a possibility that the session could be extended for days or perhaps weeks if new budget concerns emerge this week. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Diesel Car Runs on Cooking Oil
One alternative car fuel comes direct from the deep frier in the form of recycled cooking oil. At least one of the nation’s "cooking oil cars" is chugging along the roads of southern Vermont. . (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Legislative Calendar
The Senate goes back into session today in an effort to break legislative logjams. The House goes back later this week. (AP)

Septic Bill Stymied in House
House Republicans have refused to forward their version of a septic disposal law to the Senate. The House is frustrated over losing some negotiations in conference committee on other bills. (AP)

Incumbent Legislators
Several prominent Vermont legislators have signaled that they will not seek re-election, including the president pro-tempore of the Senate, who’s running for lieutenant governor. (AP)

Three Priests Ordained
Three new Catholic priests have been ordained in Burlington, and will take up pastoral duties in Newport, Barre and Burlington. The Catholic Church in Vermont has been troubled by the sexual misconduct scandal, and a priest shortage cause by retirements. (AP)

Nuclear Waste Storage
The Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant will run out of space to store spent fuel about two years before the projected waste storage facility in Nevada can be opened. (AP)

Lieberman in NH
Presidential hopeful Joseph Lieberman is spending a second day in New Hampshire, attending Democratic Party events. (AP)

Burlington Airport
Plans to expand the Burlington airport are back on track. The drop in passenger traffic after September 11 had put the plans were put on hold. (AP)

Adelphia Cable
Vermont customers of Adelphia cable company are being reassured by state officials that their connections are safe, even if the troubled company goes bankrupt. (AP)

Commission on Women
Women’s advocates are angry at a legislative change that prevents the Governor’s Commission on Women from spending any state money to influence policy discussions. (AP)

Covered Bridges
Some of Vermont’s covered bridges getting new roofs. The renovation projects are part of a national program to preserve them. (AP)

Trash and Recycling
Burlington’s Public Works Department wants to raise the tax it charges trash haulers. The revenue would go to cover the rising cost of recycling. (AP)

Wellness Survey
A new medical survey in Rutland says most Vermonters worry about their weight, their diets and the stresses of their jobs. (AP)

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