June 24, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Refugee Applicants
Refugee processing centers along the U.S. border are inundated with people trying to enter Canada. According to immigration officials, many of those seeking asylum are concerned a pending agreement between the United States and Canada will make it more difficult for them to cross the border. (VPR)

Yankee Sale
The Mississippi company that wants to buy Vermont’s only nuclear power plant doesn’t like one of the conditions that state regulators put on the deal. (VPR)

Lawmakers Reconvene
Vermont legislators will return to Montpelier for a one-day session on Friday, to sustain a veto from Governor Dean. (AP)

Adelphia Files Bankruptcy
Vermont’s largest cable provider, Adelphia Cable, is filing for bankruptcy as early as today. The company is laboring under the impact of off-the-books borrowing by members of its founding family. (AP)

Dean Fundraising
Vermont Governor Howard Dean is increasing his fund-raising efforts in New York and on the West Coast, as he points toward a presidential candidacy in 2004.

Hartford Reservoir
Authorities in Hartford have lifted a drinking water ban imposed over the weekend. A water storage unit at the local reservoir was found vandalized late last week. (AP)

E-coli Pollution
Colchester officials hope DNA testing can help them pinpoint the source of E-coli pollution in Mallets Bay, off of Lake Champlain. (AP)

Alternative Energy Festival
A festival devoted to alternative energy sources is planned next month for a farm near Randolph. Organizers will be using music to draw people to their exhibits. (AP)

Rutland Grand Jury
A federal grand jury in Rutland has kept busy, handing up 39 indictments since it formed in March. Most of the indictments are in drug-related cases. (AP)

Long Trail Shuttle
The Green Mountain Club says its shuttle to take hikers around the now-closed Jonesville Bridge will continue until October, even though no one required the shuttle during its opening weekend. (AP)

Nursing Home Negligence Suit
A Manchester nursing home has settled a claim of negligence brought by the children of an Alzheimer’s patient. The woman wandered away from Equinox Terrace nursing home and her body was found a month later. (AP)

Stabbings Investigated
Vermont State Police are continuing to investigate the stabbings of four men after a fight at a weekend dance in Rockingham. (AP)

Vandals Arrested
Three Vermont teens are facing criminal charges for a $14,000 vandalism spree in Northfield last month. (AP)

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