June 13, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Reapportionment Plan
House and Senate negotiators have reached an agreement on a new reapportionment plan. If the full General Assembly gives its approval to the proposal later this week, Vermont will become the first state in the country that has a split Legislature to adopt a reapportionment compromise. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Angell Comments on Proposed Policy
Bishop Kenneth Angell of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington will join other U.S. Bishops in Dallas, Texas today. The bishops are gathering to consider a draft national policy to deal with priests who have sexually abused children. On Wednesday, Angell spoke out on one controversial sections of the policy. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Heavy Rains Cause Evacuations
Widespread flooding hit northern Vermont today as heavy rains forced rivers over their banks and led to the emergency evacuation of several neighborhoods. The town of Lyndonville declared a state of emergency. (VPR)

Progressives Endorse AG Candidate
Vermont’s Progressive Party is endorsing Middlebury lawyer Cindy Hill for attorney general. Party Chairwoman Martha Abbott says that after the state committee interviewed Hill, members felt she would be a credible and articulate candidate. Abbott says Hill is an interesting candidate and one who will raise serious issues in the upcoming race. (AP)

Legislature Wrapping
The Vermont Legislature is halfway home, as the Senate adjourned Wednessday after passing a $54 million capital construction bill. The House hopes to finish Thursday. (AP)

Orange Reapportionment Deal
The Town of Orange has been attached to the Caledonia County Senate district, to balance populations for the census-ordered legislative reapportionment. The plan was accepted by the Legislature’s negotiating teams yesterday. (AP)

Elections Poll
The Rutland Herald has published a voter poll showing small leads for the Democratic candidates for governor and lieutenant governor, and continued support for Senator Jim Jeffords’ decision to leave the GOP. Respondents are divided over whether Howard Dean’s presidential campaign is a good idea. (AP)

Rainy Weather/b>
Vermont has received more rain in the past two days than in all of last June. Showers are forecast for the weekend. (AP)

Agricultural scientists are finding fewer of the moths whose larvae become armyworms. The pests ruined six million dollars worth of Vermont crops last summer. (AP)

Lake Champlain
The state hopes to spend $133 million over the next 14 years to clean up phosphorus and other pollution in Lake Champlain. (AP)

Student named to BOE
Governor Dean has named a student from Elmore as the newest non-voting student member of the State Board of Education. (AP)

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